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Latest Live Video Solutions to transmit, produce and stream live over bonded cellular.

Make every live transmission a success

High-quality, low-latency transmissions over aggregated cellular. Power up with 200Mbps of secure, high-speed Internet no matter where you are. Transmit over true 5G and LTE Advanced Pro networks.

  • TVU Nano

  • TVU Router

  • TVU Anywhere

Setting new standards for your live: 4K HDR, real-time transcription

True 4K60p and HDR picture quality transmission from any location. Live transcription in over 100 languages to enrich your live broadcast.

Automate your live production workflow

Story-centric workflow solution including automated contribution,  live metadata generation and frame accurate video search in real time. Fully integrable with your MAM and NRC systems.

  • TVU Router

Next generation Mobile Journalism

H.265/HEVC, full HD and cellular transmission, with just your smartphone. Powered by an ultra-compact router for an additional 200Mbps of high-speed Internet. Produce live remotely, with one-click delivery to multiple platforms.

Cost effective IP distribution from Anyone to Everyone

Distribute live to any number of TV stations over IP regardless of distance, at lower operating cost. Fully compatible with NDI and SRT video protocols.

Synchronized live multi-camera remote production over IP

Live, frame-accurate, multi-camera event production. H.265/HEVC and channel priority to secure your event broadcast. Monetize more of your content and lower your production costs.

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Fastest Transmission. True 4K60p Picture Quality. Latest H.265 Encoding Generation

Mobile Journalism 2.0 Broadcasting Full HD with your Smartphone, and much more.

Remote camera control H265 encoding to reduce data PIPLive Streaming from the phone Safe and Secure