Rent the Latest Live Video Solution

We bring our equipment to you. Just name the time and location.

TVU Networks offers you the best rental service in the industry. Our experienced global rental team is here to understand what you need and offer you the most suitable live video solutions. You can rent for one day or for up to six months; we’ll deliver to your destination hassle-free and provide data packages tailored just for you.

Why Rent With TVU Networks

  1. 24/7 Live video chat
    support and on the ground assistance.

  2. On-site equipment and SIM
    card delivery.

  3. Our solutions have experience in covering the biggest sporting events, Olympics, World Cup, as well as the most logistically complex elections.

Most Popular Rental Solutions

  • TVU One

    Award-winning mobile live video transmitter over aggregated cellular connections.

    Large picture quality selection – 4k60p, 1080p, HDR, 4:2:2, 10-bit.
    Transmit down to 0.5 second latency, even with low bandwidth.
    New H.265 encoding chip generation, patented IS+ algorithm, allowing to live transmit 1080p with
    800Kbps or 4k60p with 3Mbps.
    Simultaneously aggregates up to 12 data connections, including 6 global modems.
    5G-ready, bi-directional VoIP, dual encoding and a 4h30 battery life.

  • TVU Nano Router

    Up to 200Mbps of secure, high-speed connectivity from anywhere.

    Extremely compact and provides a boost of bandwidth for your live
    transmissions. Aggregates multiple communication links including 4G, LTE,
    cable, satellite, Ethernet and Wi-Fi to ensure the highest level of stability and
    reliability, even from the most remote or crowded locations.

  • TVU RPS (Remote Production System)

    At-home/REMI Synchronized live multi-camera remote production.

    Supports up to 6 synchronized multi-channel transmissions, and up to
    2 return feeds. Can transmit directly to the Cloud.
    H.265 encoding and channel priority management to secure live transmission
    over the public Internet.

  • TVU Producer

    Multi-camera live production, Cloud-based.

    Compatible with all IP sources, including your smartphone.
    No hardware or software to install.
    Switch between 4 live streams with frame-accurate precision.
    Add graphic overlays, scoreboards, clocks, picture-in-picture and more.
    Includes replays, slow motion and video recording.
    One-click delivery to multiple platform (social media, CDN, SDI).